The garage door requires monthly and annual maintenance so that it can smoothly perform its functions. Indeed, the garage door opener will last longer and work best when properly maintained. Checking the door once in a month will ensure that the door does not stress the opener. Here are some maintenance requirements that are necessary for the garage door;


It is important to check whether the door aligns correctly. When you open or close the door, it should remain supported by the garage door springs. If the door falls towards the front or rises upwards, the alignment is incorrect. You need to call a technician in Cincinnati to check the problem.

You should also check the safety reversal system. If you put an obstruction under the door, it should be able to reverse. If the door stops, then the reversal system is not working correctly. You will need to turn the adjustment screw. This turns the down limit. If this does not reverse the door, you need to call a technician as soon as possible.


It is important to lubricate all the metallic moving parts of the door. You can use a lithium lubricant and oil the rollers, hinges and bearings. The frame of the house, where the door touches also need to be lubricated. This assists the door to slide easily when it opens and closes.

Once in Every 3 – 4 Years

You can lubricate the garage door opener and clean the lubrication previously applied. You can also lubricate the frame that holds the door to the wall of the house with wax. This helps the door to slide easily while opening or closing.

While repairing the garage door, it is important always to consult with a technician for simple maintenance services such as cleaning the door or lubricating. For other tasks, it is important to hire a qualified technician in Cincinnati. If the door sticks or is not balanced correctly, you need to hire a technician. Working with an unbalanced door will not make it reverse incorrectly. At all times, avoid loosening or adjusting the door. Do not attempt to touch the cables, pulleys or brackets. Leave this work to the experts in Cincinnati.