We are trusted garage door experts offering garage door supplies such as torsion springs. Our selection of springs comes with legs that are usable in different angles. We at Cincinnati Garage Door Experts , are famous for offering credible configuration for the springs. This is very important for holding the door in place. Such springs are slightly longer than their width.

It is important to buy torsion springs from reputable companies. The torsion springs that we offer our clients are top quality. You can rely on our advice on the best place to buy these springs. Here are the best places to buy these torsion springs:

  1. Internet: If you are looking for variety, this is the best place to purchase these springs. We advise our clients to shop on the internet when looking for unique springs that are not available in Cincinnati. You can browse through the different options available and then rely on our knowledge and experience to assist you in making a decision. (Ex: Amazon.com or eBay.com)
  2. Department stores: We don’t purchase springs even if they are available locally. Although local stores are a great option during an emergency. We get high quality zinc galvanized 30,000 cycles garage door springs custom made by a company based in Mason, Ohio. But people looking to buy springs locally can visit local home depot or sears store and look for appropriate spring.  (*Note : Springs that you buy at Lowe’s,  home depot or sears are mostly made in china spring that are oil tampered and last only 10,000 or less cycles plus they require more maintenance)
  3. Garage door companies: One can buy springs from local garage door company provided it is not a legal hassle in your area. Many states by law do not allow garage door companies to supply springs to general public due to safety hazards. In our case, we stock the best torsion springs in the market for our clients. Our torsion springs are of good quality and cost effective. We carry all types of springs in our inventory for clients so that they can be supplied with zinc galvanized 30,000 cycles certified springs based on weight of your door. Some of springs are custom made and are required only in special cases where door is real heavy wooden door. If required we can deliver springs to your doorstep at nominal service call or install them at a nominal labor charge and back springs with lifetime warranty.

garage door spring repair cincinnati - Oil tampered vs Zinc galvanized spring - before and after spring repair

Torsion springs are very important as they hold the garage door in place. They are great at offering resistance to force applied rotationally. The torsion springs that we offer have a design to work in a clockwise and anticlockwise motion. They therefore determine the direction of deflection of the wind.

We encourage our clients to choose torsion springs from reputable dealers. This is because the torsion springs have tolerance values based on the diameter of the body and the wire. Our torsion springs also come in different varieties. We always listen to our clients regarding the finish of choice. The best finishes include gold irridite, zinc and passivated.