The use of a garage door opener means an automated garage door. With an average American garage door opening and shutting 1500 times a year, the likelihood of garage door opener problems is high.

Garage door opener installation requires the engagement of a licensed technician to be able to meet the set governance standards. Choose to engage a garage door professional in the area to take care of all the fitting details. Proper installation means less problems, more efficiency and durability.

Wear and tear happens to all moving parts. These include the opener itself, photoelectric eyes, opener button and the connecting wires. Some parts may also break. Develop a monthly garage door opener maintenance habit with the help of a licensed garage door repair professional.

Below is a summary of some of the most common garage door opener problems and their solutions.

1 – The door of the garage may refuse to open but the opener is operational. This indicates that there could be a broken chain in its mechanism or wearing out of the gear or the door could have disengaged from the operator. Engage a garage door professional.

2 – The remote control may refuse to work. Replace the batteries and try using it to open the door. If it does not work, then look out for any obstructions on the antenna wire or opener. If this fails, then the transmitter could be dead and then there is a need to have it replaced by a professional.

3 – There are times where the opener seems to raise but does not open the garage door; this could indicate a faulty beam sensor or misaligned beam sensor. The sensor could also have accidentally disconnected.

4 – The occurrence of a short in the wiring connection could make the opener operate only by remote control and not by the wall switch.

5 – The garage door could also open and close halfway due to a wrong setting of the sensitivity or open limit

The above are just but a few of the problems that you can encounter with garage door openers most of which you cannot handle through DIY. The need to engage a professional to conduct garage door opener repair cannot be overemphasized.

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