What Material Should You Use For Your Garage Door?

Cincinnati Garage Door Experts is an esteemed company that offers specialized services in garage door repair and garage door installation. Through our numerous years of involvement in garage door services, we have prepared for you the pros and cons of the different garage door materials.

What are the Major Garage Door Materials?

Obviously, the choice of garage door materials depends on cost and individual preferences. Though from an informed perspective, some viable considerations, for instance, the garage door maintenance, garage door installation, and garage door repair should be considered while selecting the material for garage door. The most widely recognized garage door materials are wood, steel, and vinyl. This article informs you the pros and cons of the afore-stated garage door materials in consideration to garage door repair and maintenance.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are a preference for some individuals in light of their reduced repair and maintenance necessities. Obviously, steel garage doors have a few inadequacies, which you should know about.

The Pros of Steel Garage Doors

Credit to design and manufacturing progression, steel garage doors have a number of advantages over other garage doors – and that is the reason they have become customers’ preference. To numerous customers, the major advantage of steel garage doors is their durability. Remarkably, attributable to their durability, they require minimal repair and maintenance for quite a while after garage door installation. Steel garage doors will without doubt remain appearing for quite long upon their installation since they are not harmed by hot temperatures or cold, and they don’t split or peel with time. Similarly, they are available in a wide range of design and colour.

The Cons of Steel Garage Doors 

Despite its numerous advantages, steel garage door have a few disadvantages. Notably, when exposed to water, steel will have a tendency of rusting – though not a common occurrence, its repair is a costly one and sometimes might demand replacement of the entire garage door. They are additionally liable to dent when hit; however the repair may not be an expensive one.

Wood Garage Doors 

Wood garage doors are equally preferred by some people; however, its advantages appear to be exceeded by its inconveniences.

The Pros of Wood Garage Doors

Notably, the main positive aspect of wood garage doors as far as garage door repair, garage door installation, and garage door maintenance are concerned are their simplicity when it comes to installation.

The Cons of Wood Garage Doors

Repairing and Maintenance is a noteworthy disadvantage of wooden garage doors. Markedly, staining, repainting, and sanding are required on a yearly base to keep the door alluring. Moreover, bolt tightening ought to be a routine practice.

Vinyl Garage Doors

They are relatively expensive; however their durability and low maintenance have a tendency to repay their cost over time.

The Pros of Vinyl Garage Doors

They are strong and will require minimal repair and maintenance since they are not prone to chipping and rust.

The Cons of Vinyl Garage Doors

The main disadvantage of this kind of a door is that they are colour permanence. Thus, in case the home-owner needs to change the colour of the door, the plausible probability is to change the whole door.