With the advancement of technology, all our clients always install automatic garage doors. This is so convenient because there is no need to get out of the car to open or close the door. As garage door experts, we always advise our clients to appreciate technology as well as know how to open the garage door manually, in case of a power outage. There are also times that clients misplace their remote controls. When leaving for an important meeting and there is no time to look for the remote, our clients will appreciate knowing how to open the door manually.

Here are some ways to open the door manually:

  • The first thing that we advise our clients in Cincinnati to do is to locate the red cord from the bracket. This bracket is on the garage door chain. Use a ladder and place it under the chain so that you can see the cord clearly.
  • Using the knob, jerk the cord. The cord is usually hooked on a lever. Pull the cord so that the lever positions downwards.
  • Once you do this, use both hands to lift the garage door. The door should be able to budge and open. If it does not, pull the cord again until it opens. In cases where the door is heavy, you can rely on the assistance of our technicians.

At this point, the door should remain open so that you can drive out or enter inside the house. It is important not to let go of the door when it is off the ground. At this point, stepping out and easing the door down again is important.  With the assistance of our technician, you can lock the door again.


At Cincinnati Garage Door Experts , we encourage our clients in Cincinnati to always contact us when they are unable to open the door. If there are any problems with adjustments or the door bends on one side, this could be dangerous. It is therefore important to rely on our expertise so that you can avoid injuries as well as make sure that the door works well. We are always available when our clients have questions and concerns concerning opening and closing of the garage door.