The setup

The main controller box is on the ceiling in the middle of the garage space. A flexible bracket and an attachment to the wall above the garage door hold this box in place. This is to provide an outlet for any tension between the main slider track attached on the box and the door.

Using a combination of high-tension garage door springs and chains, the track is able to support the weight of the garage door when pulled up. The slider will attach to the door mechanically using two flexible metal arms. The ends of the garage door itself lie in the guide rails, which keep it straight during movement by the employment of a pulley wheel system.

The remote control system

The remote control system is what enables you to be able to activate your garage door opener from the comfort of your car. The remote itself is a small transmitter and controller, with a signal receiver located on the inside of the main opener control box. The transmitter releases signals at the same frequency as the receiver, which allows the door to open.

The more sophisticated remote control systems use a digital code to actuate the frequency, which gives the opener system added security. It enables the system to differentiate better from the surrounding electronic garage door operators and their operating frequencies

Mechanics of operation

When the transmission code from the remote control receives an acknowledgement from the receiver within the opener control box, the main slider activates, initiating the door opening process. The slider is usually at the farthest end of the track adjacent to the garage door.

The track chains will then begin to pull the slider back towards the controller box. The mechanical arms attached to the slider and door will then pull the door up along its guide rails located along the wall. This continues until the slider reaches its end point, by which time the door is fully opened.

An instruction from the remote control to close the door reverses this process; pushing the slider away from the controller box and dragging the box back down until the door is closed.


Most systems will have safety sensors located on either side of the door, 6 inches above the floor. When they detect movement or an object lying in the way, the opening or closing process halts automatically, or the door goes back to the fully open position.

If the electronic system has failed, manual operation is possible by disengaging the adjustable metal arms from the slider and door.

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