Different sizes & types of Garage Door Springs & How to replace it?

Do you know that the final weight of a garage door can easily reach 400 pounds or more? This is why you need to be sure that the overhead track is well supported and in perfect alignment. If the door comes out of the track might fall on your car. You need to pay special attention to the suspension system. Most of them are perfectly adapted so that they can be manually opened halfway and then just stay in that position… View more @ http://www.cincinnatigaragedoorexperts.com/blog/different-sizes-types-garage-door-springs-replace

New Garage Door Installation Service at Competitive Price

You want to do have a new garage door installation in Cincinnati. Garage door is not an item you purchase frequently. Matters to do with the cost and the brand of the garage door are genuine concerns. Obviously the garage door specialist to entrust with this task is also top in your mind. We have good and refreshing news for residents of Cincinnati….view more @ http://www.cincinnatigaragedoorexperts.com/blog/new-garage-door-installation-service-competitive-price-2

5 Keys to Remove the Risk from an Old Garage Door

When your garage door gets old, it becomes a weak point, not unless some enhancement is done to it. An old garage door is often considered a common weak point through which intruders and burglars can find their way into your home. This makes old doors dangerous and risky to ignore, because you are at a greater risk of losing your valuables due to poor security. Securing your old garage door will protect your household and property from intruders while at the same time preventing serious injuries and deaths that old doors might expose people to…view more @ http://www.cincinnatigaragedoorexperts.com/blog/5-keys-remove-risk-old-garage-door