Garage doors are an important part of your house and life. You use them during the course of your daily routine and should they incur any damage, it is common for them to shriek in response and make all kinds of funny noises possibly loud enough to wake up the neighbors.

Not only will this leave you with a disrupt and irritated state of mind every time you use the garage but also leave you wondering what’s wrong with the door..

What could have gone wrong?

We at Cincinnati garage door experts suggest you look into the following aspects of your garage door –

As age starts to play its role on the mechanism of you garage door, its parts start coming lose and sag to the point where they produce more friction every time the door completes a cycle. The nuts and bolts keep coming undone leading to the door becoming more unstable and operating with more friction.

Occasionally, they may even need replacement if they have run their course. For example, garage door springs are typically meant to last 10,000 cycles. Likewise, cables, pivots, and even door panels can wear off and may need replacing.

Neglected doors that haven’t been cleaned in a long time can get jammed which also results in more friction that what should be apart from reducing the life of the garage door parts.

Lubricating the door a few times a year will also keep the parts young, and add to the longevity of the door and keep it running smoothly. Do this at least twice a year.

How can we help?

We can assess your situation in all its entirety and pin point the problem area to let you know precisely what has gone wrong. We offer high quality spare parts of all kinds and understand the intricacies involved with garage door repair of any kind, even broken garage parts. We also install new parts. Even if you think your garage door is working fine but not as optimally as it used to, we’d be happy to come over and perform a preventive maintenance program and make your garage door as good as new!

We urge you to go through our list of services and call us for any further queries.