Do you know that the final weight of a garage door can easily reach 400 pounds or more? This is why you need to be sure that the overhead track is well supported and in perfect alignment. If the door comes out of the track might fall on your car. You need to pay special attention to the suspension system. Most of them are perfectly adapted so that they can be manually opened halfway and then just stay in that position. However in some cases it could be a real problem as they get stuck and cannot be closed or opened entirely. If you do encounter this kind of situation, the first thing you should do is check the metal tracks. Check if the mounting brackets get loose. If so, turn them. Look if there are any dents, crimps or flat spots on the tracks. If the tracks are irreparably to repair, replace them. You should clean the rollers and tracks with household cleaner and dry. Check for loose hardware. Adjust the tension of the springs.

If that does not help much, there some advance steps you can do. First you need to know what type of opener that you have. There are two types of openers. Extension and torsion springs. Extension springs are located on both sides of the door and are quite large. Torsion springs are actually coil springs mounted above the door.

Garage door opener inspection and repair could somehow be tricky but if you want to fix it, save some money then there is some trick you can try. Make sure you have all the tools need and at least some basic knowledge on garage door installation before you go. Or you can always opt in to contact a professional garage door service, and Cincinnati Garage Door Experts would save you a lot of time and pain. You do not want to end up injured as a result of the high voltage, Do you?

Anyway if you are ready to smack the hammer, here’s what you can do: Prepare the tools and materials : Socket set of keys, New seal for the bottom of the door, heavy knife or scissors, hammer and tacks.

Carefully Apply the Following Steps:

1. Examining the door: The easiest way to see if the seal is damaged by turning off the lights in the garage when the sun is strong outside and see if the light escapes in the garage. Look for each side of the door. It can be up to 4 seals, one for each edge. Also, take a look at each of them.

2. Adjusting the brackets: For the removal of the seal, separate from the bolts that attach the adaptation between brackets to the garage door track. Push open the door until it is completely closed. To avoid denting the door, it is important that you push the door as close as possible to the lineup. Repeat the process on the other sides.

3. Replacing the bottom seal: The lower seal is exposed to the most wear. This is the best chance to replace it. First, the width of the door measured and cut the seal on the corresponding measure. Attach the seal with tacks, starting at one end. Now inspect the seal again. Do the light test again. While the recovery of the seal, the best thing to do door maintenance as well. Check for loose nuts, tracks. Spray the tracks with oil.