A garage is an essential part of most American households. It needs to be able to allow ease of access and easy locking for security purposes. Like most things in life, proper maintenance of your garage door assures you of its longevity.

1 – Read the manufacturer’s safety manual that comes with the garage door to be able to internalize the garage door safety information to apply it at the correct instances. Ensure that the safety manual is accessible easily for reference.

2 – Ensure that garage door installation standards are adhered to by engaging a trained and licensed garage door operator at the first instance. Proper installation eliminates frequent repairs and lowers maintenance costs.

3 – Lubricate all the moving parts to enhance efficiency. These include the door hinges and the tracks every six months.

4 – Examine all the physical features of the door for any wear and tear. Inspect the springs, cables, hinges, the rail, and axle for any signs of dysfunction or moving out of place after every four weeks.

5 – Test the condition of the door’s photo eye by switching off the power button and blocking the path of beam transmission between the wall button and eye opener. If the door does not reverse then it means that the risk of entrapment is high and it needs checking by a trained technician. This should be done once very month.

6 – Put all family members on notice when you start any garage door repair or maintenance work on the garage to prevent accidents. The children’s play area should be far away from the work area. You should keep pets away or confined.

7 – Test the reversing capability of the door every month to ensure that it is in good condition by blocking the path of the door with an object and engaging the wall button. It is expected that the door will reverse on obstruction, if it does not, then it is a hazard that requires immediate servicing by a professional.

Within the manual, you will find garage door safety information. Read it carefully and adhere to all instructions to avoid the occurrence of nasty accidents. When you adhere to garage door safety tips and guidelines, you will be safe. Remember that some parts of a garage door like garage door springs are usually under high tension and handling them increases your likelihood of injury. Contact a licensed technician like Cincinnati Garage Door Experts to do complicated work for you.